Open Up Webhooks For Third-Party Use

Whilst services like Integromat are now actively supporting Coda, their most powerful features are not available due to not being able to access the web hooks that Zapier uses to power some of its features.

If these were documented in the API then it would help others be able to create real-time integrations with Coda docs, which would generally be useful.

Integromat themselves have specifically stated that they would consider creating Instant triggers if they had access, which would be great for those of us that need the increased functionality of Integromat over the more rudimentary (and expensive) features from Zapier. :grinning:


Hey Murray, Arpit from Integromat here. Like you, we are also excited to extend the possibilities of our Coda integration by bringing support for webhooks. As soon as the Coda team makes that possible, we will create modules that act as instant triggers.

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