Trigger Integromat scenario with Coda button?

How can I trigger a scenario on Integromat with a button on my Coda doc?

One option is having the button create a row in a hidden table (with whatever data is needed for Integromat). Integromat can then listen for row creations in that table.


As far as I know, you can only schedule Integromat scenario to run and check if a row was added. You can’t get it to listen. Or am I wrong?

I was wrong

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Have you used Zapier as well? It’s what I use, but Integromat seems more popular around here.

Should I switch?

I tried both and Integromat worked better for me. I can’t remember why exactly. Also, if I remember correctly, @Paul_Danyliuk also said that Integromat works better with Coda.

It’s also possible to have the button open a webhook url to trigger (and send some info to) the Integromat scenario. I do this currently with a few docs.

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I have a button open a webhook URL that triggers the automation as well. It’s a push and therefore instant. Don’t use an addrow/listen, there’s a lag with that

How do you set this up?

Just set the button to open a link. Put the webhook address as the link. Clicking the button opens the link which triggers the webhook.

You can add parameters with concatenation if needed.

Actually the best way to do it, is to setup a mailhook on Integromat, and then create a button on your row which sends the email to that mailhook to trigger whatever you want, and send whatever data you want.

A mailhook can work but a button to link to the webhook will be quicker and doesn’t require an email intermediary.

Yeah but it pops up an url window which is ugly.

I’ll give you that. I hate the extra window.

I also hate the extra window. Just realized that particular issue is super easy to fix with a custom pack. I was able to throw this pack together in like half an hour, and I’m gonna use it to replace all my ‘openwindow’ webhook buttons. Hopefully this is helpful to others.

Lets you input a webhook url to a button and send data to Integromat. When used in a table, the results column will show the word ‘Accepted’ if the webhook went through.

Currently only works with webhooks on the domain, not the new domain. Due to limitations of the Coda pack structure, one pack can only access one domain unless an exception is made. Perhaps in the future it can be updated to include more domains. Or could easily duplicate the pack for a different webhook domain.

Let me know if there are any issues. Like I said I threw it together very quickly, but the code is very simple. It should work with any valid webhook url.


Nice! Didn’t know there was pack for it. I’m waiting for access to make packs so I can have some more automation for my company, but for now Integromat it is.

Btw it’s super easy to expand this to other webhooks: just make an Integromat scenario that is triggered by a webhook and then routes to another via HTTP GET.

You could even just have a single hook and use a parameter to tell Integromat where to send that hook and use a router to send to various places

Makes sense you didn’t know the pack existed, since I just made it today :wink:


Amazing! Didn’t know Coda pack would be very useful!

Apologies if anyone had already started using this, but I changed the packs formula from Ping_Webhook() to IntegromatWebhook() [edit: originally Integromat_Webhook(), but I’ve removed the underscore] so it will break any uses of the old formula. If other packs are made for other domain webhooks I thought this more specific formula would make more sense.

Someone asked me too about the code for the pack. Thought I could share it here too. Anyone who can create packs can copy it to make a pack for any webhook domain. Just change the domain specified at the very bottom with "addNetworkDomain’ as well as the name of the pack and the formula, etc. The pack code here



This is an extreme nitpick, but recommended naming convention is not to use underscores, but instead UpperCamelCase in formula names (while you’re already in there tweaking :wink:)


Noted. Will pay more attention to this in the future. And I’ve changed this one as well to IntegromatWebhook(). Final locked in formula

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