Can the community create and share packs?

I can see how this might turn into the Wild West (or more like Westworld) but there are plenty of niche integrations that Coda will probably not get to in the near term.


Hey Dion,

It’s certainly our ambition to open up packs for anyone to build. I don’t have an ETA to share currently but watch this space :slight_smile:

Out of interest any particular packs you were wanting to see?

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Practical packs:
xero <β€” import key data into coda docs and formulas
google ads <β€” import dashboards
triggers for google cloud functions <β€” doing this from inside coda without relying on zapier or some failure prone hack would be great for using coda as an alerting framework

Less common:
pletica <β€” requires optimizing iframely
looker <---- seems like a slam-dunk to import looker dashboards <β€” would make nolt data useful
typeform <β€” would rather not need typeform at all


I Second the Xero reccomendation