Developing a Coda Pack

I would like to develop a pack for Coda. I’m new in Coda and CodaAPI.
I have some question, please see below: (sorry if I’m repeating earlier questions by someone)

  1. Is there a standard structure of a pack ? What is a basic skeleton of a Coda Pack for the successfull registration in google script?
  2. Can I create triggers for create, update, delete and open doc or table rows ?

I’d like to collect my functions into the pack
3. Can I place buttons and other UI elements on User Dashboard by my pack?
4. Could You send me gs examples for pack creation?

Thank You for Your help!

Hello @Ferenc_Zavoda! Welcome to the Community! :handshake:

Right now it is not possible to develop your own packs but the goal is to open them up someday.


I have no extra desire with pack type.
I would like to develop in clear google script a pack.

I think so not enough to write google script functions one after the other to start a Coda Pack.

I think that will be enough help for me, if I can see a basic functionality in a GS Coda Pack structure.
How can I add a user element to a table by a pack function ? etc…

Thank You for your help!

I see, sorry for the confusion! I haven’t done anything Coda API related but I would start with the documentation, inside you can see examples in Google Apps Script.

And here is a great tutorial made by Master @Al_Chen_Coda on how to pass info between 2 Coda Docs and between a GSheet and a Coda Doc.

That should get you started. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank You for your help!

If You’d start with Docu I’ll be interested in it in the future too.

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