Launched: Discover + trial your new favorite Packs from the Coda Gallery

The Gallery’s not just for docs anymore—now there are Packs built and published by the maker community, too!

You should know: All Packs created by the community are currently in an extended free trial for makers to explore, sample, and experience in their docs. Soon, Pack makers will have the option to apply monthly subscriptions to their Packs for individuals and teams to purchase for their workspace.

Although Pack publishing began less than a week ago, we’ve seen incredible examples of Pack changing the way docs look, work, and integrate. Here are two ways to start exploring:

Add a Pack to your doc from the Gallery.
From the Coda Gallery, you can either search for something specific or click Packs next to the search bar to discover something new. If a Pack piques your interest, click the card and read more about it on the Pack listing page. Click Add to doc to bring the Pack into an existing or new doc.


Add a Pack to your doc from the Insert Panel.
In your doc, find Packs and Imports under the Insert Panel on the righthand side of your doc. Search for the Pack you need, then drag and drop the building block into the canvas to get started.


Allowing makers to publish Packs to the Gallery is a milestone for our team. At Block Party last October, we launched our Pack Studio beta, where anyone can build a Pack to extend the way Coda’s core building blocks look, work, and integrate. Last week, we released Packs to the Gallery, giving makers even more autonomy to build and create. As Shishir mentioned in Coda 3.0 blog post, our broader goal is to blur the line between our product and the community. Transforming the Coda Gallery into an open marketplace is a cornerstone in this initiative.

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Dear @Christine_Luo,

How awesome it would be the Packs to show off themselves in templates, providing a kick start :rocket:

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