Launched: Featured docs now available on Pack listing pages

Pack listing pages are great for telling makers how a Pack works. But now we’ve made it that much easier for Pack makers to show what their Pack can do. Featured docs give Pack makers a chance to highlight the primary functionality of their Pack and give doc makers a running start.

For doc makers and editors who use Packs
Discovering docs that showcase Packs in action has never been easier. On Pack listings under Docs using this Pack, docs that are tagged as Featured by Maker are a Pack maker’s way of saying “Start here” — complete with best practices and instructions to get started.

Check out these examples for Packs from Strava, Gumroad, OpenSea, or more in the Gallery.

For Pack makers
Pack makers can select any published doc to be featured on their Pack listing page. This can be the doc you created to demonstrate how your Pack functions or a doc published by another maker to solve their own need.

To pin a doc to your listing, simply navigate to the Listing tab in the Pack Studio, paste the published doc’s URL to the Featured doc field, and save your changes. Now the Docs using this Pack section on your Pack listing will look like this:

Not planning to publish? This works for Packs you build only for your team to use too, so your teammates can stay in the know without needing a live demo. Simply share the doc with your team, then click Share > Publish and toggle Discoverable by anyone off. Now your team and your team only will be able to access your featured doc.