Launched: Doc Gallery

A few weeks ago, we launched Publishing, which transforms your docs into sleek websites you can share with the world-wide web. Now we’ve collected all of the insights, templates, toolkits, and frameworks from the smartest makers we know into a single, searchable placeーthe Doc Gallery.

Whereas our previous template gallery required quite a bit of manual work behind the scenes, now you can publish docs (and templates!) directly to the gallery. When you publish your doc with the “Discoverable by anyone” toggled to “On,” your doc is automatically added the Doc Gallery and associated with your Maker Profile.

Some key features we hope you’ll enjoy:

  • Featured page + categories: Updated regularly, highlights docs from our maker community, including quick starts and a leaderboard of trending docs. Browse category pages within the Doc Gallery to see content on the topics you care about most.
  • Comprehensive search: The search bar helps you find docs based on doc name, category, keyword or maker’s handle.
  • Liking for published docs: Docs in the gallery will have a Like button in the footer so that readers can share their positive sentiment with makers.
  • New and improved maker profiles: Every maker with a published doc has a profile page, where people can explore all of their published docs. In addition to collecting all of your great published docs, you can pin docs to keep them at the top of your profile. You can also share other makers docs to your maker profile .

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, toolkits, templates, or a bigger audience for the docs you publish yourself, we hope you’ll get a lot of out the Doc Gallery as a viewer and a publisher.

Be sure to try publishing a doc today so you can claim your maker profile if you haven’t already!

ー Glenn

p.s. If you’re as excited about this big step for the maker generation, we’d very much appreciate your support for our announcement on Product Hunt today!


Hope Coda users reach 1 million this year(2020).

I found it didn’t show every published doc with categories in gallery. such as project managment .

Are Doc was viewed > 1000 will be displayed in gallery ?

Good question, we’re manually verifying docs before they appear in the category currently but they will automatically appear in search results.

There is a trending section on the front page which is totally driven by how active your doc is :slight_smile:

Got it .

Currently, it's manually add it. 

In the future,  it will automatically add it. 


And I found users can’t see how many views and liked with that published doc.

Maybe it’s helpful to promoting and 2nd sharing published doc.