Launched: Improved published doc discovery

Since launching the Gallery last year, thousands of docs have been published with millions of views. As you’ve been publishing, you’ve also been sharing with us that we could make it easier to find the types of docs and templates you want most. Today, I’m excited to share a few updates to help with exactly that!

More gallery categories

The Gallery launched with 14 top-level categories ranging from Coda hacks to Project management to Health & nutrition. But we’ve heard your feedback that there were broader topics you were interested in browsing—like docs for OKRs, Research planning, Brainstorming, and even Recipes. Based on your feedback, I’m excited to share that today we’ve expanded the set of categories to more than 50 topics, including those above.

To browse categories of docs, just visit and select “Categories” next to the search bar.

Publish your doc to multiple categories

With these rad new options for browsing, we realized we also could also create more options for publishing. Sometimes your Go-to-market strategy doc also has some amazing content related to Meeting agendas, Project planning and KPIs—so now you can categorize your doc as all of the above! Starting today, when you publish to the Gallery, you can choose up to five categories to help others discover your doc.

Add multiple categories.gif|773.3333333333333x435

Want to update the categories for a doc you’ve already published? No sweat! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the editable version of your doc
  2. Click “Share”
  3. Click “Published” at the top of the sharing menu
  4. Under “Discoverable by anyone,” add categories in the gray field by clicking into it and typing

We hope this makes it easier for you to feel like your published docs have an appropriate home in the Gallery, and has you as excited as we are to explore all of the great docs makers have contributed to it!


Who needs that when we can’t share a document that anyone (not only Coda users) could use? :angry:

I don’t understand your comment?


Yes :grin: :tada: !!!

Thank you so so so very much :raised_hands: for this sweet reconfiguration of the Doc Gallery :star: and those new categories :grin: !

I’m more than happy to finally see the Personal (:partying_face:) category standing up there :raised_hands: !!!

To my knowledge there is no way to **Publish ** a document and allow people to contribute (=make changes and they are saved).

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indeed @Stefan_Stoyanov , the option to lock columns in tables and keep others editable is not (yet) available, though would improve the user experience significantly seen from my perspective.

My understanding that even Coda users can’t save changes to a published doc - they have to be using the ‘editor’ view

The help docs say that if a doc is published in “Edit mode” then coda users can apply persisted changes:
Intro to publishing | Coda Help Center.

If you want people to be able to make changes to the doc, invite them with “edit” rights.


Instead of trying to explain my struggle, I will rephrase it in a question:
How could one Publish a doc, then provide the publish link to someone else (e.g. and the latter, without Coda account, interact with the file (e.g. click on buttons in columns)?

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Is there a way to add to your categories list? I would like to see Cryptocurrency on there for one, plus maybe Trading and a few others.

Thanks for the feedback @Stefan_Stoyanov. At this time, making edits to Coda docs (whether published in Edit Mode or unpublished, collaborative team docs) does require a user to sign in to Coda.

Users do have the option for pseudonymous editing (logged-in anonymous editing as shared here: Launched: Logged-In Anonymous Editing), but they do have to log in.

We’ll explore this feedback to see what we can do to open up more editing options down the road!


@Andrew_Stinger ok so for a user to edit a published doc and have the edits stick, they need to be logged in and have the doc shared with them. In this case, they can use the published doc URL to edit in publish mode … AND they will always see the full ‘editor’ link in their dashboard right? I think what a lot of us are looking for is a way to give ‘publish edit’ access to users where they can get the publish format (which is superior for lay users) and have the edits stick, and hide the ‘editor’ view from them which has confusing elements to lay users.


Thanks for the feedback!

Just to make sure I’m sharing all the relevant into, the “Edit” mode for published docs allows for quite a bit–just not editing text on the page. So if you do publish in “Edit” mode, people can push buttons, add reactions, and even add rows to tables.


Thanks for sharing @Andrew_Stinger and @Johg_Ananda for asking.

We have a use case where people should only use the published document to add rows, use buttons etc (edit) but not having the doc in their own coda directory to edit as a “normal” document.

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Thanks for the reply @Andrew_Stinger That’s a serious limitation. Right now all this sharing, publishing, combined with locking and locking Settings (?) is frankly quite messy and illogical.

As an alternative to current setup, I would recommend that you check out Google Sheets and how they organised the sharing on column, doc, and organisational level.

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