Launched: Publishing with Coda

A little over a year ago, we showed you how the building blocks of your doc could rearrange to look like an app on your phone. Since then, we’ve seen a beautiful proliferation of toolkits, frameworks, worksheets, calculators, crowdsourcing templates and moreーbuilt and shared by this incredible community of makers.

Today we’re launching a new set of publishing building blocks from Coda to make it even easier to share your ideas. Now, you can open up your ideas to the world with search-indexing, customizable URLs, and a maker profile page. You’ll get a sleek, shareable site that you can update whenever you wantーbecause it’s a doc!

Here’s a bit more detail about what’s launching:

Publish action with discoverability, interactivity, and copy-ability.

When you hit ‘Share>Publish’ you can open up your ideas to the world. Your doc will get a unique URL, which unfurls when pasted in many sites (including social networks).

If you set your published doc to discoverable, your doc is made available for search indexing so that it can find a broader audience than ever before. You can also determine how people can interact with your doc, and whether they can copy it to use as a template.

A maker profile handle and page.

When you publish your first doc, you can choose a unique identifier, visible in the URL of your published docs. You also get a maker profile, where you can add a photo and short bio so people who like your ideas can see what else you’ve publishedーall in one spot!

Published doc analytics.

For the first time, you can see basic stats (copies and views) to help you understand how your ideas are taking off! You can access these new metrics alongside your existing doc statistics.


Cover images, subtitles, and author bylines.

Whether you publish your doc or not, now you can add custom banner images, subtitles, and author bylines to the top of your doc sections for additional visual identity and polish. If you do decide to publish, your URL will unfurl to show the first section cover image, byline, and subtitle.

Not sure you have the perfect image? No sweat! We’ve partnered with our friends at Unsplash to integrate their library of free license photos into the cover image selection flow.

Top nav.

Published docs are eligible for a top navigation bar that converts your folders and sections into drop-down menus for a stronger website look-and-feel.

Plus the Coda features you already know and love.

We can’t wait to see how you pair the features above with some of our other new features, like Word Clouds and Collapsible Content to bring your ideas to life. Keep in mind you can also use our recent Quote Styles and Word & Character Count updates to add even more dimension to your text and ideas.

Need help getting started?

You can find step-by-step questions and answers to Publishing FAQs in our Help Center.

We can’t wait to see what you publish!



These “News from Coda” emails are one of my favorite emails to get in my inbox.



(Yes, this is a complete sentence)


Killing it!!!


Great :slight_smile:


Is there a way to not publish hidden sections? I use them as cross-docs for lookup tables to stay in sync but it looks like it automatically unhides them when published.

This is awesome, but it looks like top nav doesn’t work well when you have many sections.

Here’s a doc:

Here’s a picture that shows it’s seven sections:

When top nav is turned on for the (published version of the doc)[], you can’t see the dots to open up extra sections at many screen sizes:

(I’ve turned off top nav for now.)

This is epic! I can’t wait to share things we have learned and explored with the Coda community.


Hey, my recommendation would be to use more folders :slight_smile: I’ve found my top nav looks a lot nicer when using them with short titles.


Hi @Tim_Sherrod, hidden sections should not show up so please contact with the published doc and we’ll take a look.


You guys are so amazing! Such frequent updates and one even more useful than the other. All my wishes came true, and even more) Now just speed and doc size to improve, and maybe two-way sync, but in any case by far my favorite tool of all!


Thanks, that helps. @mallika a hidden section (“Explore ABA Data” under “Even More” folder) is showing up for me too fyi.


This is huge. Congrats!!


holyyyyyy cow! I am so freakin impressed!


I LOVE this update!!! :clap: :heart_eyes: :clap:

Coda docs can finally be shared in a stilish way! :grin:

But! my app is full of current user (like “user()”), in this way a non-signed one can’t use the app because it is “non existing”, breaking the formula and leaving blank graph and tables…
Could a “@temp-online-user” be set as fixed?
in this way i can manage a demo for user :slight_smile:

The copy blocks are really useful if you sell access to the platform! :slight_smile:


@Mario - you can create another named formula named CurrentUser which is set to =if(User().Email.IsNotBlank(), User(), @defaultUser) - and then everywhere you use user - use your new CurrentUser formula.

something like this image


Yea, baby!!! :clap: :clap: I’m so happy I could cry :joy: :joy_cat:

Thank you Coda…:sob:


@Krunal_Sheth This way of creating new formula is a revolution for me!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:
I’ll use it a lot in the future!
But my problem is that i have like at least 400 formulas that deal with user…aaaaaaand i don’t have a free week to fix those ahahaha :joy:
Honestly, i’ll probably do that before or after, so, are you sure that this formula will not break? Like if coda change the way it manage not logged in user i will be at the starting point…(or with this new approach to formulas one could just edit the one instead of all the columns…mind blowing, i have to try it!)
This information for me it’s gold man!
I’ll never thank you enough @Krunal_Sheth :heart_eyes:

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Is it possible to access to viewing and interacting stats of a published Coda?

That’s very cool. I’m already thinking of using this to make a Presskit Template for Video Games.

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