Launched: Collapsible Headers, Tables & Views

As more and more teams use Coda to organize their meetings, projects and processes, we were made aware of the opportunity to help streamline and organize text and tables in docs. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of Collapsible Headers, Tables & Views for all Coda plans today!

Now, you can enable collapsing to do things like:

  • Create an FAQ where each question is a Header, and collapse them all, allowing readers to quickly skim for their question, and expand to see the answer.
  • Collapse tables that are acting simply as lookups or data storage for other parts of your doc so they don’t distract from your core content
  • Collapse headers in a writeup, so readers start with a summary and can dive in to the sections most applicable to them.

Collapsing honors header hierarchies (H3s collapse under H2s, and H2s under H1s), and can be enabled one header, table or view at a time. Note that Coda currently recognizes table titles as H2 headers, so they won’t collapse under other H2s or H3s.

Everyone who works in a doc will see content with collapsing enabled in its collapsed state by default. Once collapsing is enabled, collapsing or expanding an item is a personal changeーthe expanded/collapsed view is specific to the person who does it. So, feel free to expand and edit a section without worrying about disrupting your teammates’ streamlined views while they’re in the same doc!

A few other things to know before you go:

  • Tables & Views must have their title showing to have collapsing enabled
  • You can disable collapsing at any time via the same menu you use to enable it
  • Collapsible content works on mobile! If you tap on a collapsed item, it will expand. To enable this, we had to make a small update to editing on mobile: now, we require you to select ‘Edit’ from the toolbar to confirm you want to edit your doc

We continue to invest in ways to put your text to work for you in Coda, and can’t wait see the use cases you discover for Collapsible Headers, Tables & Views!

@EvanBrooks , @Krunal_Sheth , @nathan, @Tim_James


Awesome, I have been waiting for this for some time. Love the styling as well, nice and subtle.


Thank you. This is such a valuable release - a simple thing, but will improve nearly all my docs.


Would keeping large tables collapsed when not in use help with loading speeds or filtering with controls still a necessary solution?


This can help because there isn’t as much to render on the screen.
You’ll notice it when you expand that section, so it might be good to use both strategies.


I have asked for this some time ago. I am glad you made it a reality. This feature will improve almost all sections and docs. Even better you can have user specific collapse status. Bravo. :nose:


Amazing. Been waiting for this. Nested hierarchies ftw!


Thank you Coda for actually listen to users!
Of course not every wish can be fullfilled but the frequency of releasing new features is without competition :ok_hand:
Keep on going Coda Team!


Amazing news! Was waiting for it for a long time. Now coda is so close to being a perfect business and productivity tool!)


This is class! Love it :smiley:


:raised_hands: :pray:
Great work - thank you!


@Krunal_Sheth hey this is great. Is there a way to make it work for headings in table cell content?

Thanks!!! This really helps organizing contents!!! :smiley: :heart_eyes:
:clap: :clap: :clap:


I’ve been on Coda only for a week and you’re releasing a feature I’ve been dreaming for years on my old software (Evernote). You rock :clap: !


Great work! So nice feature!!! Thanks!

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Awesome!! Thank you for doing this. This was one of my pet peeves. Now it allows creating coherrent and usable content without having every thing in a different section.
Also super useful to collapse big tables.
You guys rock!

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Hi @Johg_Ananda!

Right now, you can collapse Tables, but they are recognized as H2-sized headings. If tables or views are under a collapsible H1 heading, they will be hidden when that heading is collapsed; otherwise, they will act as H2 headings and provide a “boundary” for collapsed content. (They won’t be collapsed under H3 headings.)

We’re aware this may feel like a limitation, so we’re looking into how we can make some updates down the line!

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On second look, this seems like perhaps you were asking about folding within a table’s contents. At this time, that’s not supported, but we’re grateful for the feedback!


Hey @Andrew_Stinger thanks for getting back to me. I was talking specifically about headings IN table content/cells.

Is there a way to use a button to collapse a table?
It would be great to have this kind of control.