Launched: Drag & Drop Text

A few weeks ago, we launched collapsible content to help you visually streamline your doc sections. Pretty quickly after launching, we heard some great feedback that this helped doc Viewers more quickly navigate through the contents of a section, but that we could do more to help doc Makers and Editors use these features to further organize their docs. That’s why I’m excited to share that we’re launching drag-and-drop for text today!

Drag-and-drop lets you quickly reorganize tables, paragraphs of text, images and/or headers (with their nested contents). Simply hover your mouse cursor over the selection you would like to move to expose the 3-dot “kebab” menu and bring your cursor over it to activate the “baseball mitt” cursor. Click and “grab” your text (or table, or image, etc.), drag it to its new location while holding down, and then release to “drop” your text.

An example of moving 1 paragraph:

. . . an example of moving a header with nested content:

. . . and an example of moving a table:

You can also quickly “Undo” a move using Ctrl + Z on a PC, or Command + Z on a Mac.

At this time, drag-and-drop only works for items within a single section, but we’re exploring how we might enable drag-and-drop between sections down the line.

We hope this makes organizing your docs even easier!


Can you make drag and drop ANYTHING work on iOS and Android apps please

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To quote the great Maria M, “Awesome!”


Thank God! This is an absolute miracle


It means support drag and drop a block .

btw if you didn’t update this feature I will suggest it.

Great job Coda.


Cool! But i want those left and right :sweat_smile:


Good idea. Hope next month will bring this feature. @Mario


Geat addition !
I agree with another comment, ability to have columns on the canvas would be awesome.

Also, using Roam and Coda, I often use CMD+A to select a whole text.
I’m Roam it select the whole text within a bullet. In Coda it select the whole page. And by mistake, I’m really doing this often in Coda.
I’m wondering if there would be something to do concerning the select all.


Thangs a lot. You guys are so amazing!


I was hoping to see something like this in the future. Now its already reality. You guys at Coda listen to your users and act really fast. Congrats to the entire coda team. You are incredible!