Launched: Drag-and-Drop into Collapsed Headings and Pages

After we launched drag-and-drop in March, we heard feedback throughout the community that the capability was powerful, and that you wanted more options for when you could use it. We’ve expanded the scope for drag-and-drop to accommodate two more use cases:

  1. Drag-and-drop into collapsed headings
  2. Drag-and-drop between pages

Drag-and-drop into collapsed headings

You can drag headers, tables, views, text or list items into a collapsed heading. When you do, the item(s) you drop into the collapsed heading will land at the bottom of the content within that collapsed heading.

Drag-and-drop between pages

At the heart of our pages launch was a goal to give you more options for doc organization and navigation. To help you organize or reorganize your doc, we’ve made it possible to drag-and-drop items between pages.

When you drag content to a different page, it will automatically land at the end of the page’s existing contents. We’ve already seen Codans use this feature to drag content between drafts, move tasks and tables between teams’ pages and consolidate older items into archive pages.

Some tips for using drag-and-drop to move content between pages:

  • You can drag-and-drop content to a page on the page list or in the subpages header
  • If you want to create a new page, you can drop your content directly on the ‘+ New Page’ option at the bottom of the page list
  • If you find yourself on a drag-and-drop spree and forget where you dropped content, good ol’ fashioned “Undo” (Command + Z on a Mac or Ctrl + Z on a PC) will bring the content back to its original location

We’ll continue to invest in more drag-and-drop options, and hope these updates help you unlock even more organizational power in your docs!


This is awesome!! Love that we can drag between pages!


Bravo! You keep making work easier and easier :pray:

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That’s fantastic and a great UX improvement!


The Good News from Coda is Launched that Coda team start notice the UX improvement.

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Love this update! Coda is really shaping up as a platform, and not just a collection of disparate solutions. And man, you guys move so fast — it’s inspiring.

And just to echo what was said here Launched: Pages and Updates to Doc Navigation I would love to drag and drop pages into and between table cells. At least for me, this would finally put Evernote to rest (finally), and make Coda my go to, all-in-one, databasing + note-taking app.

I always look forward to your “Launched” emails. They are a rush.


I seriously cannot get over the amount of updates your team pushes out. So glad I found Coda, wish it were a few years earlier.