Launched: Custom Title Sizes for Tables & Views

It’s been a busy few weeks at Coda, as our team has focused on helping you make your docs cleaner and easier to organizeーwith infinitely nested pages, collapsible content, expanded drag-and-drop capabilities and outlines for your pages. I’m excited to share today that we’ve removed another constrict on how you organize your docs: now, you can customize the title size for your tables and views.

Previously, all table and view titles were H2-sized headings. This meant that tables and views would get rolled-up into collapsed H1-sized headings, get left behind when H2 headings they were meant to be a part of were dragged-and-dropped to new locations, and always sit in the same part of your page outline hierarchy.

Now that you can customize the size of your table and view titles, you can position them appropriately within a Page’s hierarchy and no longer worry about them behaving like outliers when you collapse, drag, drop and outline. For example, if a table is meant to collapse under an H2-sized heading, simply make the table title sized H3.

To change the size of the title of a table or view, select the title and then choose the correct heading size from the paragraph styles dropdown in the toolbar.

Some other tips for resizing these titles:

  • Titles will still default to H2 unless you take action to resize them
  • Tables and Views will observe the selected size (heading style) whether they are visible or hidden
  • If you’d like to resize a title that is hidden, you’ll need to unhide it first (you can also hide it again later)
  • Tables and Views are indicated with icons in Page Outlinesーthis is a great way to quickly see how you’ve sized them in your docs (especially if titles are hidden)!

Image 2020-05-06 at 7.08.03 PM

And, of course, if you simply want your titles to be a little bigger or a little smaller, you can do that too.


I appreciate this! @Tim_James on a related note, would you be able to reduce the font size of the H1 a bit? I’ve always found it to be too visually big.



Good UX updates.

I already have 22 + good ideas, Are you interesting in updating ?

Thanks for the feedback, Chris! I brought your suggestion to the attention of our designers.

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Thanks, Steve! We definitely welcome your ideas. It helps us figure out where to focus next, so please feel free to share. If you don’t want to do it publicly here, you can contact our support team by chat to do so privately.

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Thanks @Tim_James
Please review :


Thanks, Steve. That’s some great feedback! I’ve sent it on to the team who worked on the updates to pages.

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Great collection of ideas, @Steve_Yang!


Just focus on UX improvement first. If not , it will be behind the competitors.
And backlink feature.

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Yes, the backlink feature. :slight_smile: I’m a new Coda user and was split between what system to use. I’m banking on Coda implementing the backlink feature first!


I’m not sure the current code structure of Coda whether have ability to implement backlink feature.

If could, where the map ?

the same not sure issue as Notion.

It have to gobal index all block texts of Doc and page when mark backlink.

But Notion will have backlink, after upating API.

What do you mean by a backlink feature?

I believe they talk about bi directional links as in Roam?

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Okay, so more robust “@” reference and content linking.

The code structure of Coda support bi-directional link ?