Launched: Improvements to the doc map

As your information grows, so do your tables. Therefore, we made it easier to navigate your doc by adding the ability to sort your tables by the number of views, rows, and last date modified.

From your largest docs to your smallest, exploring your data just got a little easier.



I have a question - every time I move tables around, I end up getting side-by-side tables and it’s driving me crazy.

Is it possible to just disable double-columns so I can’t do it to myself.

Thank you

Hi, How does CODA calculate the “views” for the table? So it can sort accordingly? What is considered to be a view to the view count?

I think they mean “views” in the sense of copies of a table that are connected back to the original table (not the number of times users saw the table).


Hi @Christoph_Sahar, thank you for sharing this feedback. If drag and drop is not preferred, there is the option to use the vertical “…” menu to move tables up and down by selecting “Move line”. The drag and drop functionality in Coda is meant to be flexible, so you can move up, down, and side to side. If you keep your cursor slightly right of the left-hand menu bar in your doc, you should experience a better up / down drag and drop experience.

Additionally, If you are able to send me a GIF of your current experience when moving tables around, I’ll have our team look into it. Thank you!