Table tabs for different views on one table instance

Having different views available from one instance of a table would allow for quicker insights.

It would be good to save the current view style, filter, sort etc as a view tab.

HI Hammer,

Could you elaborate on your requirement? What do you need that is different to the existing functionality?


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Hi Piet,

Thanks for the response . I guess the easiest response to this would be to look at Notion database views implementation. each view is accessible quickly via a tab. As I understand it ( and I may be wrong), Coda does not allow this type of view access. If I want another save view, I have to create it in an additional location in the doc.

to clarify for non Notion users…

…those highlighted tabs are NOT just filters like we are used to in Coda.

they bring up totally different views of the table, such as a table view or a kanban board view, as well as applying different filters.

these different views occupy the same space, wheras in Coda these different views would be seperate paragraphs down the page.

its the ability to “remap” the same rectangular space to show different views of your table that is the key feature being sought here imho



Hi Hammer

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is that view in Notion, and views in Coda are different things. In Coda, the view that you create can be addressed in the Coda Formula Language, with all that goes with that.

Coda also has the below concept: (I do not know what the concept’s name is.)
You can jump between each of those “displays in place”. It does mean though that the columns displayed will remain the same, depending on which of the displays that you jump to.



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And with the added constraint that each may not be ideally configured.

I can’t upvote this for the reasons you point out. There are some nuances and features that Coda views support that must be considered. It’s more of a case where it would be nice to drop (or create) multiple views in an iFrame that magically tabifys them.


Thanks for the responses guys. Food for thought and I Code shouldn’t blindly follow Notion. I’m pretty new to Coda. All the same, I feel there is some streamlining required here to create more nimble accessible table views in situ.