Can I use a table view across multiple pages?

Hey guys,

I am fairly new to Coda, coming from Notion. I must say I love it so far, but have been wondering whether it is possible to use a specific table view across multiple pages? It looks to me that I have to create a brand new view every single time I want to reference it on another page. Is this correct, or am I missing anything? In notion, I can just reference one of the existing views as often as I want, in Coda all I can do is picking an existing table and create a new view.

I might just see this the wrong way and probably have to adapt my way of thinking, but one problem I see with this behaviour is that you have to give each view a different name, which feels unnecessary considering it shows the exact same information as the twin view on another page. At one point I will run out of names, or I will have to reference them with numbers, which just looks silly and makes things very messy.

Would be great to hear some thoughts.


Hi Johannes,

The reason each view has its own name, is because you can refer to the views in the CFL. (Coda Formula Language).

Naming conventions are your friends… :wink:


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