Toggle Table/Database views like in Notion to save space in docs

Hey, it would be great to be able to toggle views on the same table/database, instead of having to create separate views that bloat the doc. For example, currently I have to create a separate Kanban, Gant, and Calendar views of the same table in CODA. A simple toggle would save allot of space in the doc. Notion already supports this.


If this gets implemented it would be useful to have an option to decide what views are shown in that list on each section/page the view of the table is placed.

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Nice idea @Simon_Heuschkel! :smiley:

I’d also love to have those different views changing from one user to the other, i mean,
if userA prefer the “detailed view 1” and userB prefer the “detailed view 2”, they should find always their last choice on the doc and not one for every users in the same doc!

The same could applies for other like cards or calendars :smiley:

I’d love this feature.

Oof this would be a game changer! Probably 30% of my biggest doc could be reduced just by being able to toggle one table between a few different views vs having several separate ones

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