PSA: Did you know you could just drag your tables to new pages?

…and the pages would then have the same names as the tables? Because I’ve been doing it the other way around (create and name a page, then add a table, and then copy-paste page name into table name). (20)


no @Paul_Danyliuk I did not, but thx this comes in handy and shows also that the name of the table being equal to the name of the page is a kind of a good thing :wink:


:tada::tada::tada:Thanksgiving :tada::tada::tada: bonus from :building_construction:Coda :building_construction:

@Paul_Danyliuk thanks addressing this hidden :gem:

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a little gem

i love it

well done @Paul_Danyliuk


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amazing - Nice one Pauil!

Thanks! I’m quite new, so sorry if this is obvious. When I create a second table, I’m wondering if I should have it below the original table (on the same page) or on a new page? Does this matter and, if so, what should one consider? Thanks!

Hey @Carolyn_Stevenson ,

For Coda (and performance) it makes no difference if you put new tables (or views) on a new or on the same page. You make a choice based on how you want to present of process your data.

Greetings, Joost

edited: my text said 2 times the same thing…


When you’re building a simple ad-hoc doc with 2-3 tables and near to no views, don’t bother. Just use the tables, set them up in whatever way you want to work with them and go on.

For docs that are meant to be used continuously, organizing them in maintainable way is a good idea. Putting base tables each on separate page, “hiding” them away in a Database part of the doc, and only letting users interact with data through views are some of the basic good practices I advocate for. I talk a bit on this in the very first video of my Best Practices Showcase series: