Best Practice in Table DB !?

Hello gang
what is your best practice in adding table , do you prefere to add One page for all Table DB , Or One Page for Each , or , small tables and list in one page and the big one which have the massive data in separate one


HI Ashraf,

Welcome to Coda, and the community.

I do not see any reason for a recommendation on the number of tables on a page, it is up to your personal preference.

However, where there is a recommendation, is that you should have a “technical” area of your doc, where you create all of your tables. In this area you simply create the table, and make any settings that you want to have available in all of the views of the table.

You then have a user-side (even if you are the only user) where you have views of those tables where you add filters and specific layouts. once your documents start to get to a good size, you do not want to have to search through your doc for where you did the original table creation.


Hi @Ashraf_Madkour

Personally I create a page for each table and for tables I use DB in front of the name (DB Tasks, DB Projects etc.)

It looks cleaner and it is easier to find the table I need. During the build out phase I may have two or more tables on same page so I do not have to switch context and screens and so on.

Why a table per page… even thought Coda loads the whole doc in client browser, it doesn’t renders it all, just what you see and when you end up with a big table, having two or more of these will put a strain and affect your viewing experience.

Also as @Piet_Strydom pointed, try keeping your master, helper and so on tables separately from where the normal user spends the most time. Technical area or “backend” if you wanna call it like that.

Just my 2 cents :slightly_smiling_face: