Efficient Content Collapsing

Hey Everyone! I am here yet again for your help. I need help with Coda documentation. When I’m collapsing the heading (H2), the small notes I want to add below the content within that heading is also being included in the collapse. I am attaching the pictures for reference. I have tried adding the note after and also before collapsing the content but its of no use. The note is still being included in the collapsed content. Any help I can use so that my notes are not included in the collapsed content? Thank you in advance!
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Hi @Chapal_Content_Strategist

As long as I understood, a title collapse will reduce everything below it until it meets a fellow title with the same rank.
Then if you have only one H2 in your doc, everything below it, including classical note, will be collapsed.

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Thankyou, So I should write the note heading as H2. Only then will it not collapse with the above heading, right?

Yep :blush: ! That’s it :blush:

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Ahah Was just responding, too quick for me @Pch :wink:

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Ahahah :sweat_smile: ! Sorry :smiling_face: !

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No problem ! Happy to see that the tips helped OP and that the community is ready to answer to solve users issues as fast as possible :wink:


This is indeed why we’re all here :wink: !