Launched: Published Section Deep Links & Cards

We’ve loved seeing so many creative and beautiful published docs since we announced Publishing with Coda last month. As a fast-follow, I’m pleased to share that we’ve updated URL behavior so that each published section has its own deep link that adheres to the published URL syntax for your doc.

Now you can have a link for the most relevant section of your published doc to share with your team, via social media, etc.


No action is needed on your part to access this update, although it does come with some added goodies!

Now, if you share a link to a specific section of your published doc elsewhere in your doc, it will unfurl independently. (We’re exploring how we might enable unique section unfurling on other platforms, but for now it’s not supported.) One of the ways we’ve seen people use this in testing is to add some more descriptive & visual navigation within their own docs:

Another added bonus is that if you set your doc to discoverable, we can now submit all of your published doc sections for search engine indexing to help even more people find and engage with your ideas.

We’ve been really encouraged by the thoughtfulness and craft shown in the multitude of docs published with Coda to date, and we hope this helps you share even more, more easily!

ー Martin & John Li


Love this! The unique url will really help us.


You guys on fire today :fire: