Launched: An update to our website

It’s been a while since we’ve refreshed the Coda website, and we wanted to share a bit about what’s changed for those who navigate to other parts of our domain beyond their docs. (Although, to be clear, we’re perfectly fine with you spending lots of productive time making docs!)

Today, we’ve released an updated sitemap, which includes new header and footer navigation options on your doc list, the coda homepage (, and a few other places throughout our site.

Our hope is that it makes it easier for you and your collaborators to find the “features outside the doc” that can help you get the most out of Coda. Moving forward, you should be able to quickly find content with tips on how to use Coda for specific jobs and scenarios (stay tuned as more of that content comes your way), case studies, integrations, and resources like help articles, formula documentation, upcoming webinars, and more!

Of course, if you ever need some more details about the business of Coda—like job opportunities, our terms of service, or press inquiries—you can scroll on down to the footer for more information.

We hope this makes it even easier to find the resources and inspiration you need to make your best docs ever!


Good to know! But i think there is a bug on the website. It looks like it has some kind of borders (which I don’t see any website with such a thing nowadays). And it’s not my browser, I tested on two different ones.

Thank you for the feedback! We heard you and those black bars should go away later this week. :heart:

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:eyes::eyes: Custom domains soon!?


Our team has been exploring the opportunity for custom domains, but–in the spirit of transparency–we won’t be able to support them in the near term.


Custom domains would be a gamechanger in the race between services (Notion, Craft, Coda, etc). You would see a flood of new users, willing to pay for that type of offering. Just food for thought.


Thanks for the transparency, really appreciated.

Would be really happy to have it too though.
Or as Hector showed above, to be able to embed it into website like you guys do.

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