Direct URL Links to Cards in Published View?

I think this might be a limitation of Coda right now, but would be interested to see if anyone has some workarounds…

I have a published version of my site and my table is displayed in a card view. We are using the cards as projects and basically expanding the row/clicking into the card for our partners to get more information around a project.

When you’re in the editable side of the doc, there are lots of great workarounds redirecting a person to a link where it will take you to a specific page and open that card by default.

Doesn’t look like I can do that on published. I’m not even sure how to manipulate a link to be able to emulate that same behavior.

When I copy the use the “Copy link to this row” button… it takes my user to the editable version of the site. That’s no good.

Any ideas? (PS. Thank you!)



Hi @Camille_Nussbaum ,

I think this is really important as well. I made another post in the suggestions box:

Also thank you for pointing out that sometimes people get links where it redirects them to the edit mode. Really dangerous regarding privacy.

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Great point on the privacy issue. Hope this is something addressed in the future! I feel like there are a lot of opportunities to be unlocked if published docs had this feature.

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