Published docs: Generate Link for detailed view

Hi all

Is is possible to generate a detail view link on a published doc, like Concatenate(“",thisRow.rowid(),"&modal=true”)

Funny thing: once I open a row on a published doc, click the link, I get a link to my original Coda, with the option to make a copy of it :sweat_smile:

many thanks for your help!

Hi @Thomas_Schulz,

This is known thing where the actual doc URL shows up in a place or two. We’ve got it in our notes to keep an eye on as we go through other publishing improvements.


I also would really appreciate the possibility to link to a detailed view in a published doc.
Is it doable?


Page level is as far as go with linking currently.

You might be able to use the detail view on it’s own page, we just don’t have anchor linking or row specific linking for the published version.

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It’s a shame it’s specifically what I am currently looking for.
Any idea when it could be available?

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