Text Anchor / Increased Linking Abilities in Doc

It would be really helpful if we were able to have text anchors to link to instead of only being able to link rows and people. For example, I have a process document that would be much cleaner if I could link to other parts of the text-only part of the Coda document.


Hey @Rachel_Lowisz, you’re right this isn’t great in Coda at the moment and I’ve passed your request on to the team.

However, this is technically possible to do at the moment. Every paragraph, table etc has a unique URL inside Coda. So if you copy the link from your URL bar and paste it somewhere in your doc, you will be redirected to that specific part of the doc when you click it.

Let me know if this doesn’t work.


I agree that this doesn’t work.
it doesn’t advance the page to so that the linked row is at the top of the window.