Some fun ways to use links


Unlike your average run-of-the-mill doc, pretty much anything can be a link. I like this a lot because it lets me reference information and create stepping stones throughout my big docs. It makes it easier for my team to navigate, and frankly, I think it makes my doc look pretty darn cool.

Here are some of my favorite ways to use links:

1) Links to Sections

If you click the hyperlink icon, you can just start typing the name of one of your sections:


2) Links to Tables and Views

You can do the same thing with a Table.


3) Links to Rows
For a link to a row, type the @ symbol and the name of the display column item


4) Links to Row Details
You can even get a little bit fancy by using the URL in the browser bar. Here’s and example URL:

  • Scratch-Pad is the name of my doc
  • The next series of characters is the doc’s id
  • Bugs is the name of my Section
  • The next Bugs is the name of my table
  • r1 is the row in the table
  • And modal=true, means that the row detail is being shown like this:

I like using links for:

  • Tables of Contents
  • Highlighting context or important details in notes
  • Showing connections between sections
  • Pointing people to further information



Welcome to Week 1!

Is it planned to enable linking to headlines or adding custom linkable anchors?
We’re using Coda much more for text than tables in our current project, and thus we could benefit from more precise linking than to a whole section.



@Tomas_Bachtik @maria

+1 for :point_up_2:


  1. The ability to place links to anything in the side bar, so that the links are immediately clickable from anywhere in the document.

(Links in the side bar currently appear limited to shortcut links to existing sections.)

  1. The ability to link to precise locations on the canvas (bookmark).

(Sections quickly grow in length as their tables grow in row count.)



I love both of these ideas! I’ll make sure to loop in the Product team on this idea.



I’ve been asking this since a year and I really want to see this feature please!
I need it for game design document.
As we are making a single document for each game project, I want to limit the use of sections.
For this reason, having bookmarks and links to headline would be awesome to make big sections and navigate into them.



Oh, another fellow game designer, good to know there are more of us :slight_smile:

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Keep it secret. Coda will make game dev teams so awesome, that we need to use it before them :joy::grinning::star_struck: