Hyperlink to text? (not a section,table, etc)

Is there a way to hyperlink to specific text that for example is just on a scratchpad for notes? Like if I title my entry 6/28/2018 Notes I’m looking for an easy way to hyperlink directly to that set of notes. Is the only way to do this by turning my notes into a table (which I don’t really want to do)?

Hey @David_Fields,

Whew, sorry for the delay on answering this one! I’m looking back through old questions and trying to make sure they get answered. :smiley: Yes, you can link to specific sections of text in a doc! :partying_face:

Every paragraph actually has a unique identifier at the end of the url for your doc, so you can link to any paragraph you want by click on that spot, copying the url at the top of your browser, and pasting that into the url for a hyperlink.

Here’s a gif of that in action:

And the actual doc I used to make the gif above, so you can play with it if you like or make a copy:

Does this help you out? Hope you’ve got your notes setup all figured out!