Generate ROW url that can included in external document

Is there a way to generate a row url that can be used outside of CODA?

So, for example, I’m writing a report in WORD for external parties, but have to provide internal endnotes documenting source of content - which is specific to one row in a CODA doc table that has many rows. I’ve tried every hyperlink/url formula I can find for coda and none of them work. Help?

Hello @Tes_Harvey_Rollins ,
Is Right click rowCopy link to row what you are looking for ?

First, thanks so much for responding! Second - that requires manual steps and over course of time (especially when extracting data from a bunch of rows) would take too long. I want a column containing the url for each row so I can copy paste 10 - or 100 at a time.

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Hi @Tes_Harvey_Rollins

Please check the doc below and let me know if that is what you need.

It uses the thisRow.ObjectLink() formula to build the link for each individual row. You can copy paste them in bulk and once pasted in a word file it will be pasted as a hyperlink to the Coda table.


The link from thisRow.ObjectLink() does not open the row though, it only highlights it :frowning:

Openable row links are pretty complicated, and have a lot of parameters, I’ve created a way to generate Coda formulas for them here!

Recommended formula that let’s you open a row, from outside the doc, without play mode:

"" + DOC_ID + "#_tu" + thisTable.ObjectLink().Right(3) + "/r" + thisRow.RowId() + "&view=modal"

Oh hi @Rickard_Abraham

I didn’t know if she wanted to have rows opened after clicking on the link so that’s why I didn’t went your route.

The solution I posted just highlights the rows.

Thanks for your solution.

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Use a QR in a document as a link to another document on the web. The account will work in electronic and paper documents.

I would like a more accurate description, but I answered as I understood it, sorry.

Belated thanks. I’m going to try this but have to buy the pac first.

Thank you - am working on trying to get this to work. Really appreciate it!