Addition of "copy link" capability in info shown in a few places in Coda - Row Mention, "Floating Box" modal


I have seen in a few other work management apps I use a very useful feature that let’s you grab a hyperlink in one click. I think it would be very useful as an addition to the already outstanding row details feature that we have in Coda when hovering over rows in all kinds of places in a doc.

Perhaps it could go here?

You have the very same functionality when sharing a Doc - you just click the “copy embed” button, no need to drag to highlight, then copy:


Hey, I just updated the title of this to refer to “places” in Coda, and not just the “hover” when you mouse over a row’s name referenced above.

When creating a row in another table in a lookup, you guys have a terrific modal “floating box” that pops up - would love to see these all across Coda in fact!

I think it would be super useful to get the ability to grab the link to the row created right on that modal. You already have links to the row itself, and the home table, so you could just add another called, say, “copy link.” You could then click that, navigate around, and in a moment paste a reference to the newly-created row, which will then like magic unfurl wherever you put it!

Thanks again!

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