Button - Add Row - Cursor Ready

Is there a way to add a new row with a button that has the cursor ready to type in a certain column?

I would like my workflow to be. Push button, type, push button, type.

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Hi Shannon! Welcome to the community! :smile:

Unfortunately I don’t think behavior is supported right now in Coda. Even if the add row button is set to expand the row for editing, the cursor doesn’t automatically go to the pop-up view.

Happy to note it as a feature request though (feel free to post in the “Suggestion Box” section)!

Thanks! I will post there next time if I’m certain there is no way to do it. I didn’t see this question asked yet in the community section. I would appreciate if you could throw that into a feature request for me. Thanks for getting back so fast. :slight_smile:

Hi @Shannon_Strong, Welcome to the community :smiley:

As @Coda_Zac Said there is no current implementations of the feature you were looking for, as seen as there are no internal option to create that and url scheme doesn’t change based on where your pointer/writer bar is.

BUT while i was trying to see if the concept was impossible to get i’ve found a way to do that :sweat_smile:

Basically the concept is to use a button to open an hyperlink, this hyperlink will be the “open this cell for editing” link, i’ll show you how:

Currently to get the link of a row you just need to use the formula .url(), but i’m not sure it works on the single cell!

You’re welcome :sunglasses: :joy: :smile:

P.s. i’ve studied the url parameters with more care and i’ve noticed that for this behaviour to happens you have to insert 2 parameters

  • &columnid - the column id visible with right click on column, maybe you have to enable “dev options” in coda settings, it seems that the url formula doesn’t work on columns (@Jean_Pierre_Traets after our conversation i really hoped :joy: ) so you have to manually copy and paste it
  • &modal=true - this open the cell or row as a popup

Could be possible in future to get this data (i mean the column id) using tablename.columnname.url() ?
It would be awesome to automate this feature!


Wow Mario! Thanks for all your digging around. I’ll give that a try.

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Woah thanks for sharing your solution Mario! I feel like this idea of leveraging links in tandem with buttons to direct users to certain modals has many applications beyond this one :star_struck: