Use "In Row Button" to expand cell in same row

Hi Everyone!

Curious if anyone has created a way to expand a single cell with an “In Row Button”.

Hopefully the gif helps explain what I’m attempting to do!

Hey @Scott_Hill ,

See this topic (my original post and the follow-up corrections):

P.S. Apologies, I thought you wanted to show a row popup, not a column popup.

To programmatically open a cell in Big Text editor, do pretty much the same (OpenWindow() with a constructed URL), but the URL should have a columnId parameter in it, e.g.:


To get column ID, enable Developer Mode in your account settings in the bottom under Labs. Then you’ll see an option to copy Column ID in your column context menu:

Alternatively just open the popup manually and inspect your browser’s URL:


Thanks @Paul_Danyliuk ! I didn’t know that this was a thing at all! Trying to implement this right now but keep running into the same issue where it seems like the URL is not constructed properly. Any ideas?

Whoops, a typo there, the URL should start with # so that only the “hash” part of the URL is replaced.

Overall the URL anatomy is:{IRRELEVANT_DOC_NAME}_d{DOC_ID_10_CHARS}
  /r{ROW_ID} --- or --- /rui-{ROW_UID_10_CHARS}                (optional)
  &columnId=c-{COL_ID_10_CHARS}                                (optional)
  &modal=true                                                  (optional)

— and following relative URL rules you can omit everything before #, or if you need to link to a page you can just keep the /_su{PAGE_ID}

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