Pop open a row with a button


Right now, you can’t open a row with a button. You can either click the “Expand row” icon on the far left of the row, or you can press option + space on the keyboard. Sometimes, though, it might be useful to open a row when you click a button, especially if you’re pairing it with other buttons in order to perform simultaneous actions.

Until we add that to the product, here’s a (albeit hacky) way to open a row with a button:

Step 1: pull in the full URL of a popped-open row. Make sure to put it in quotes to prevent the table from autocompleting to a lookup column:

Step 2: Break apart the URL into 3 different sections: base URL + row ID + tail piece

The number after the “/r” is the row ID, and the tail is everything after the row ID:

Step 3: Concatenate all the pieces together using the CONCATENATE() formula:

Step 4: Replace the hard-coded Row ID with the formula ROWID():

Step 5: Remove the quotations from the beg of the base and the end of the tail, and then make the base and tail URL’s formulas so they auto-populate:

Step 6: Add a button and choose the action “open hyperlink”. For the URL field, select the Concatenate column:

Ok, phew :sweat_smile: that should be it. Congrats for making it through all of those steps! Now that you have this button that opens a row, you could also create another button that, for example, modifies the same row. Then, create a third button that pushes both of the buttons.


Create button to go to related record?

I just came up with another workaround, by setting up a new “Current” table to hold a “Current row” variable for the row that I want of the old table, then a new Section and View of the old table filtered to show just that one view, then cut-and-paste the URL into a new “hyperlink” column of the “Current” table.

Then a button in the old table to set the current row as the “current” one, and a second button to go to the “Current Row View” section, then an “edit this row” button in the Old Table to press those two buttons – set current row, and go to current row view.

All the details here: Create button to go to related record?