Open modal view from another modal view

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I have a table to hold estimates. I have a basic view that shows only the high level number and another view that shows the details and allows the user to tweak various parameters to fine tune the estimate. The basic view is the primary on the table (i.e. the one that Activate opens). I have a button that calls OpenWindow with the short URL to the second view. I’m using OpenWindow(Format("#_notReal/r{1}&modal=true",RowId(thisRow))) based on what I found here.

I have the button to open the detailed view present on the basic estimate view and, when it’s pushed, everything works as expected… the detail view opens.

Now, I have another table with clients that has a column containing estimates for the client. This column uses a formula to filter estimates for the current client. The column type is a lookup into the estimates table. When I mouse over an estimate and open it from there, I get the basic estimate view. So far so good. When I hit the button to open the details view I get the basic view again. The URL changes in the address bar but what’s rendered on the screen does not change.

I confirmed that the URL in the address bar for the detail estimate is the same when called from the estimate table, the basic estimate view (when it’s activated from the estimate table), and when the estimate view is opened from the client table. Based on this I feel this may be a bug somewhere in Coda. … sorry…

I believe my strategy should work however I’m open alternative approaches.

I appreciate any assistance.


I did some more testing and see that the problem may have something to do with the basic window. I actually have 2 different basic views that I use. This is because we’re transitioning to a different invoicing strategy so some estimates use the “old” way and some the “new”. I created the two basic views to accommodate the differences.

I have a button that decides which ‘basic’ view to open based on information in the estimate. I use the same OpenWindow(format()) strategy above. It seems from this view that the detail estimate button produces the same result… same URL for the detail view, basic layout shown on the screen.

This does not have anything to do with the call from the client view… (YAAA!!!)
Unfortunately I still have the same problem… :frowning:


Thanks @Connor_McCormick. I did use this as the basis for the stuff I put together.

I’ve created this page that clearly demonstrates the challenge I’m facing: Modal from Modal Behaviour

Ah, yeah you’re right. You cannot open a layout from within an open layout. As you note, the url changes, but the view does not refresh.

I also once reported this to Coda staff, but it’s also good to have a community post.

Your explanation in the original post is very detailed and I think could benefit from some screenshots of what you’re running into.

View #2 looks like this:

View #1 looks like this:

You’d like to click this button in View #2 and switch to View #1:

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@Connor_McCormick Awesome!

Thanks so much for the assist :smiley:

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Hi Robin, Connor is indeed correct here. In fact, it was an earlier conversation with Connor that taught me about this limitation :sweat_smile: (I haven’t forgotten Connor!). I’m looking at the conversation you opened with support and will follow up with you there about turning this into a feature request.

Though anyone else who passes by is welcome to leave feedback about how you would use this change here!