Help: Open a view of another table as a modal

Hey Folks,

Table 1
I have a table called Titles. Titles have a multi-select column called Functions.

Table 2
Then a second table called Benchmarks which have a lookup column to Titles, and then Functions pulled in as a related column.

I am trying to create a button column in Titles that open a view of the Benchmarks table as a modal (pop-up window) and pass a filter (Function in thisrow of Titles to filter the Benchmarks table.

Is this possible?

I can get the Table page to open with OpenWindow…but I can neither seem to pass the function successfully or open is as a modal window.

Any help is much appreciated :pray:t4:

Hey Folks, checking in again to see if someone knows a way to use a button to open another page within coda – but in a modal view?

you could try adding a canvas column to Title, and in the canvas insert a view of your benchmark table. then, rather than opening a modal of the Benchmark table, you’d open a modal of a any row from Title and it would feature a view of benchmark.

in the table within the canvas you can use parentRow to refer to the row from the Title table, and set filters and formulas with it

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OMG, that’s genius. I would have never thought of that. Thank you!!!

my pleasure! and once you have set up the canvas how you want for one row, you can change the canvas column option and set it so that each new row will also use that canvas as a starting value

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This worked really beautifully! Thank you so much for the solution!!

I did want to flag for the coda team that this is heavier data wise…so down the road if there could be a way to open another table/database in a modal view and pass a filter to that view, it would be great.

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