Switching the view of an opend table page

Hi, I am relative new to Coda and try to figure out some way to organize my tasks, meetings, …

I would like to have all my Tasks, meetings, … in one calendar view and because as I know it is not possible to bring different tables to one calendar view I would like to have them in one table and define the different types of entry by a type column and then filter that views according the needs.

I try to explain the situation in detail following…

Hi I am trying the following for days but found no solution.
I am having a table “DBNotes” with a column “Typ”.
Typ means the type of entry in that row. It could be a

  • task,
  • topic or
  • meeting

and this types are look ups to an other table “DBNoteTypes” that defines the availeble types.

In an other column of the “DBNotes” table there is a button that should open the row depending on the selected topic in a different view. So if for that row the topic is set to task, I want to open that row in the TaskView, if the topic in that row is set to topic I want to open that row in the TopicView, … .

What I got to work now is:
I made different views of the table that are below the main table on the same page.

  • View of DB Notes filtered to topics
  • View of DB Notes filtered to meetings
  • View of DB Notes filtered to tasks

In the formula of the “Open Button” I check the type of the row and depnding on that type I can open the views that are listed above.

  thisRow.Type.Contains(Topic), OpenRow(thisRow, [View of DB Notes filtered to topics]),
  thisRow.Type.Contains(Task), OpenRow(thisRow, [View of DB Notes filtered to tasks]),
  thisRow.Type.Contains(Meeting), OpenRow(thisRow, [View of DB Notes filtered to meetings]),

But this solutions means that I have to place all the different views somewhere that I can reference to them.
What I really want to do is the following:
When opening a row in the three dots menue in the top right corner I can create, edit and pick layouts.
There I have defined three different layouts called

  • TopicView
  • TaskView
  • MeetingView

In my buttons formula I would like to reference to this views and open the rows as defined there.
This I couldn’t manage right now. How to do that?

Second topic - as a later second function:
In the DBNotes table I also have a canvas column “content”. This canvas element contains the same DBNotes table “in it self” but here the table should be filtered to the Name of the row.
For filtering that way there is an other column in the DBNotes table that is a lookup to the names column of that table.

In the DBNotes table there is a row that has the name Meeting_20230404. The Typ of that row is “Meeting”
In other rows of the DBNotes table there are several other entries.
But two of the entries are from the type Task and within the lookup column they refer to the Meeting_20230404 row.
One row is from the type Topic and is also referred to Meeting_20230404 by the lookup column.
When opening the Meeting_20230404 with the Button as described above, this row should open in the MeetingView View and in the contend canvas it should show the DBNotes table filtered to topic and task of this meeting - in this example two Tasks and one Topic.

I hope describtions are cleare and you have some solution for me.
Thanks a lot


I have created this video explaining what I think you are looking for in response to another ask the community post.

The docs that I refer to are below:
This document can be “played” with, but is not free to copy.

This document contains various examples, and is free to copy:


Hi @Piet_Strydom , thanks to all your work and support.
I will work myself through all your suggestions and see, what I can understand and do :pray:

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