The row layout of a view is somewhat useless in it's current state

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I’ve stumbled upon a pretty serious limitation - at least for the usability of my particular doc - that I hope can/will be resolved soon.

I’m a big fan of the expand row/row layout feature in Coda. Here’s the default layout of a master table:

Now what if we wanted to make one or multiple views of the master table with their own row layouts? Good news, we can!

Now what if - depending on particular conditions/circumstances - we tell a button to add a row to a particular view of the table, so that the user gets to see the most relevant row layout for that particular situation? E.g. [View of Table].addRow().Activate(). The good news: you can tell a button to do that; bad news: it ignores your request and ALWAYS redirects to the master table.

Has anyone else noticed this and/or found a way to work around this? I’m keen to get some clarification on this.

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PS. You might wonder ‘why not just make multiple master tables then?’ That would indeed solve the redirection issue, but I have a master table that cannot be clearly cut up into smaller tables: there are overlapping combinations of columns I want the user to fill in, depending on certain conditions.

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I just received an update on the matter:

Unfortunately this is a known limitation of how our buttons launch the modal when activating a row. It’s not ideal but a workaround we recommend right now would be to have each view in a different section, and using a ‘master detail’ or ‘slide’ so you can see the layout you need right there. Then when you want to add a measurement you go to that particular section and add a row. Or you can use the button to ‘OpenHyperlink()’, however this will focus on the first row of the view so not ideal.

I’ve made sure to bump up the bug report on this, as it make custom layouts much less useful for this use case.

Thanks Coda!

Hi there.

I recently stumbled across an approach that might help you here.

In short, it’s possible to pop open a row with a button, and to do this in a way that takes you to the layout/modal associated with a specific view, rather than the default layout for the master table.

The basic method is outlined here. Essentially, it involves using a button to open a hyperlink, with a URL that follows the form of URL that displays in your browser address bar when you are viewing the desired modal. The trick is to use a formula to generate the URL so that it references the rowID of the row you want to expand.

You can use the runactions() function to run two successive actions from the same button:

  1. Add a row to your master table
  2. Open a hyperlink to the desired modal, using a rowID column to reference the row that has just been created by the previous action.

That means you can launch any modal from almost anywhere, e.g. a button on a page, or a button in another modal. And best of all, the modal “back” button still works where you’ve used this method to jump from one modal to another.

I’ve worked up a quick example here…

Let me know if that’s any help!

Thanks Tim, that’s pretty cool (albeit a bit hacky as Justin notes). Unfortunately, hard coding the url is too much of a hassle for my use case, as I regularly make copies of my ‘master doc’ for individual users (I’d have to redo the urls for each copy). I’m hoping this fix/feature will be added soon as it would make a big difference for my users!

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Hi @mr_motus,

You can give this a try to force the layout of a specific view…