Launched: Barcode Pack

That’s a great idea and one I wanted to try out. I put together a super simple version below (scroll down to “QR Code to Open a Row”).


Hi Ben,

Excellent solution!

Another user case could be an employee time tracking for start and end of a task (or day) which would be a lot easier with barcode scanning.

Dear Ben,

Thanks for the great intro in the world of barcodes :man_teacher:

Somehow you should find a way to add a reference link to this doc/post, especially for new users it will be very valuable :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

Maybe one upgrade would be if it could open the Coda App instead of just load a hyperlink in browser, but I guess that is a bit more complicated.

Just had a chance to play with this and it’s awesome but realised I needed a GTIN-13 barcode for my app.
These are for retail products, official barcodes from

If anyone needs them generated as SVG, I’m using the below. thisRow is the barcode number.
You can generate more barcode types on this website



Here you go :slight_smile: I believe EAN13 is the same as GTN13


That’s amazing! Thank you for adding these.
The Coda team is on point as always. :slight_smile:

Great new pack! Is there an option to display a barcode number underneath the barcode image?

Setup your Barcode Number column, then setup your Barcode Image column, then you can use the Concatenate() formula to display both together in a third column. There’s a trick for adding a line break, which is Character(10).

Concatenate([Barcode Image],Character(10),[Barcode Number])

Thanks that’s very useful! The line break tip too. :slight_smile:

If you ever plan to do another pass on the barcode functionality, consider the below:

  1. Adding the numbers in the standardised way, see screenshot below for EAN13 example.
  2. Generating an SVG. You would need that to include the numbers.

These two things would really complete the barcode quest, slay the boss, save the kingdom. Everything. :slight_smile:


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That would require us using a different library than our current pack and would take some extra legwork from the engineers. We’ll keep this in mind for improvements in the future, but might not be too soon.

Are you using this to actually print up stickers or using this for display on screen only? With it being a new pack, I’m curious what everyones use-case is.

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I understand it would be complicated. Thank you for considering it!

We are using the SVGs for print, for package design of our products. So just bring the SVG in Photoshop or Illustrator.

We also often have to pass barcode sticker art to our factories. We usually pass them a PDF with one barcode sticker per page. Each page is exactly the size of the sticker.

If there was a good way to generate PDFs or print stickers directly from Coda, we would definitely use it. We are currently jumping through hoops sometimes to generate what files we need: include product name, SKU, barcode, variant info, other stuff.

As a use-case, for printing, I must say that intend to build a doc dedicated to my collection of plants :herb: :grin: .(Inventory would be the right term)

I was really happy to see the new barcode pack because it will simplify greatly the attribution of a QR code to each of my plants (which is an idea I got before this pack was introduced).

By printing it and putting it on the pot, it will give me access to the summerized info of the plant if needed, without getting back to the all DB, which can save me a lot of time (I really have a lot of plants and I almost can’t keep track of them anymore).

If Coda can also be used as a Barcode Reader, it could also simplify the tracking of “events”, for example, watering them… Give them water > scan the QR Code > Marked as “watered” in the appropriated table… (this is an extrapolation, as I’m currently not (yet) working on my Plants DB and Coda can’t be used as reader for now (I think) :yum:)

I’ve tried a lot of Apps that already does that, but they don’t suit me or the way I take care of my plants, that’s why when I discovered Coda, I thought it would be the perfect tool to actually build this DB because of its dynamism and the way it works on mobile (like an “App”).

This is a personal project, but still a use-case :wink:

[almost working solution] :slight_smile:
Each row in the table has a unique url, you can encod that url to the QR code.
Theoretically, you could use a QR reader to scan the QR on the pot and automatically open the row in coda.
Unfortunately, at the moment, coda only takes you to the right table but don’t opens the specific row (Maybe one of the experts here can find a workaround for that @Filmos @Paul_Danyliuk)

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I didn’t thought about that :grin: ! Thanks for the tip :grin: !
If it takes me to the right table, I can put buttons to a good use (on mobile) and it will already help a lot ! :grin:

I’ll keep that in mind building the DB :herb: :grin:
Thank you very much :grin:

Give this formula a try for a column button that is a hyperlink. It should open the actual row:


The &modal=true appended at the end is what prompts the popup display.


Just sow it here: Pop open a row with a button
It is working with the QR code!


@BenLee and @Asaf_Dafna : Thank you very much :grin: ! I gonna try that :grin: ! (sooner than I thought :yum: )

Anyone with any experience with how someone might incorporate a barcode or qr ‘gun’ into a workflow with this?

(Off the top of my head…) Unique QR codes as physical/visual affiliate links for referral marketing campaigns. — The sponsor prints/etches the affiliate’s unique QR code onto the product their being sent, and when people stop them on the street to ask what it is, the affiliate can refer them through with the code!