Barcode scanner

Hello fellow Coda users,

I just tested a simple barcode scanner (Manhatten) and it reads Coda generated barcodes really good. When I scan and enter a bar code in a text program, the code is entered along with a line feed (in Notepad++, Word, etc.).

The other way around, when I enter a barcode in Coda (in a table cell of the canvas), Chrome accepts the input, but immediately goed to another browser page (chrome://downloads). This behavior is not Coda specific, but I would like this to work properly.

Anyone any simple ideas?

I fixed if for the time being by disabling the Chrome-shortcut Ctrl-J (with a utility AutoControl), but I would like for this to work without using another extension. Or do you think it is just my scanner (I only have one unit to play with right now).

Greetings, Joost

I am also wondering about the following: I can read my Coda generated QR codes really well with my phone, but how would I go about getting the result in one of my coda apps? Only by making a small app and shooting them in through the API? Or would there be a native way, other than copy and paste?

In the past we’ve used a computer-connected barcode scanner that worked fine in browser-based form fields, so I think it’s your model. You may be able to configure exactly what keypresses it spits out? I think ours had a couple modes.

For the phone-based approach, could you maybe take advantage of published form pre-filling somehow? Coda forms let you populate stuff based on URL parameters right?

Hey Nick,
Thank you for your suggestions - I am not sure if I can change the settings on my handscanner, but I will find out. I got my hands on another unit last night that is programmable, so I will dive into that next week.

Your suggestion about using forms and coding a URL into the QR code will work, but then that would limit the QR code to that use only or accepting that you would have to work with a form regardless of the device you are working on. There will be a delay between input and receiving the code in Coda if it is always going to be input through forms. Of course, you could stip the URL when you directly input in coda. It is going to be a workaround one way or the other.

I will put a QR/Barcode reading object for the canvas on the wish list.

Update about the handscanner: after 10 years of owning the handscanner I just found out that you can indeed alter many settings (over 60 pages of setup options). I have used the scanner off and on for different projects and it always worked for our use.

I just changed the terminator option from <CR+LF> (default) to <CR> and now it works the way I want (without the need to alter something in my browser).


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