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Hello guys,

I’m blocked, maybe is a really easy thing, but I want tu create a QR code that leads you to a specific coda page, but I only get search in to google link.

What I do is a table with the QR code column, I copy the “Copy link to page” link and paste it to the coda column, but when I scan the QR it takes me to the google and search ppart of the link.

If someone can help, I would really appreciate it.
Thank you!!!

Are you using the QR code pack? What does your formula look like that that generates the link?

do you use a specific pack?

there are sites that do this free of charge to generate qr codes. I’ve built one for fun if it’s of any use to you :wink:

Dear @Victor_Ballesteros,

Just insert the QR pack in your Coda doc and you will be able to add a QR code in your table

I am sure that this will get you forward, enjoy the feature Victor

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