VCARD ganeration as QRCODE for CRM tables

hi from turkey, I tried to generate vcard QRCODE image, but too sophisticated for me ( I think). Anybody succeeded? or Tried (maybe know-how share?)

coda supports qrcode generation but just as url. I need vcard
Thank you all

Hi @Salih_Aydin,

Welcome to the Coda Community!

I created an example that should work. This is simply a matter of creating the proper text for the QR code to include. I found this article that shows the layout of a QR Code: VCards in email signatures

Then I created a table with all the relevant columns I needed. I then added a formula to compile all the values into the proper vCard text format using the Concatenate() formula. Then the QR Code column just reads from this “vCard Text” column.

Here’s a working example:


Thank you @BenLee.

I was close but cant achive , was drowning in concatenate quotes :slightly_frowning_face: