Launched: Barcode Pack

You can now create all kinds of barcodes and QR codes in Coda with our new Pack. It currently supports the 4 most popular formats:

  • QR Codes
  • Code128 Barcode
  • PDF417
  • UPC

Here’s a quick gif of how easy it is to use the formula or column format. We’d love to know how you use it and if you have any feedback. Just go to the Packs store to install it now.


Dear @Glenn_Jaume,

Great news :+1:

These days I will try to play with it.
I will see also how it works in combination with mobile

Pretty cool!

@Glenn_Jaume do you plan to include barcode READER function as well? It’d be an amazing feature for the mobile apps :crossed_fingers:


Heh that’s really cool.
I’ve been using a website that generates barcodes with a URL. I’ll go try this right now with a pack. :slight_smile:

Can anyone share concrete use cases for the pack? Dope feature but I don’t immediately have a use salient in my mind. Chers.

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I think one of the most common usecases is anything that has something to do with inventory management

If you had Coda on a tablet or something, and you make use of a barcode reader/scanner, then it could definitely be useful for inventory stuff.

I know people who put QR codes on their business card. But these are only one-off creations. I could see the Coda one being used for something like generating a bunch of coupon codes and then providing the QR codes as a way to hand out or even print a bunch of QR code coupons or something.

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Thx @Guyinpv – I’ve actually recently considered doing a QR code on my biz card (though I then discovered the LinkedIn QR code and use that instead these days), but it aides in fostering my creativity. Inventory certainly makes the most sense as an easy start point.

What a awesome feature. I will play around with this feature.
If bar code exits, we can import as well? Any Reader available?

This is wonderful :grin: !


But please add asap also localisation (European) of amounts and dates;

  • thousand-point,
  • decimal-comma’s
  • week starting on Monday
  • recognise text-dates in a format like s “dd-mm-yyyy” as a Coda Date datatype.

Kind regrads



Cool feature!
I could really see using it to scan people/ tags during events. Checking them in or out etc. Also inventory for our store perhaps.

If you were really ambitious you could do something akin to a rewards/ loyalty program where each person had an assigned code.


Haha, this is a really cool development!

Good job and completely unexpected!


This is a good one :slight_smile:

Do you think we could print these barcodes and when scanned to open the respective Coda file and open the row the barcode corresponds to? This would help us label some of the supplies at the office and use the Coda doc which we already have created to mark when a supply is about to expire. I suppose there will be a lot of other similar user cases.

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That’s a great idea and one I wanted to try out. I put together a super simple version below (scroll down to “QR Code to Open a Row”).


Hi Ben,

Excellent solution!

Another user case could be an employee time tracking for start and end of a task (or day) which would be a lot easier with barcode scanning.

Dear Ben,

Thanks for the great intro in the world of barcodes :man_teacher:

Somehow you should find a way to add a reference link to this doc/post, especially for new users it will be very valuable :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:

Maybe one upgrade would be if it could open the Coda App instead of just load a hyperlink in browser, but I guess that is a bit more complicated.

Just had a chance to play with this and it’s awesome but realised I needed a GTIN-13 barcode for my app.
These are for retail products, official barcodes from

If anyone needs them generated as SVG, I’m using the below. thisRow is the barcode number.
You can generate more barcode types on this website



Here you go :slight_smile: I believe EAN13 is the same as GTN13