Ever wanted to open a specific column in "BIG cell editing mode"?

Few months ago we announced a way to open a cell in Expanded mode - few customers reached out to us asking if its possible to open/expand a cell using a button. Here’s a tip/document that shows how you can build it on your own.

Full disclaimer: We might change this in future and at that time this would break.


Hey @Krunal_Sheth your hacks are always appreciated! :slight_smile:
I’m wondering though why we have to add an additional step to enter in “edit” mode especially when we are in “Detailed View” and not in “Table View”
It would be awesome either to implicit enter in editing mode (with formatting toolbars) as soon as I got the focus in a text field or to have a field which can be set to “Richer Text Type” with the same behavior…

Did you get what I mean? It makes more effective the data insert when in “Detailed View”… please pass this input to the Product Team! :slight_smile:

Does this still work? The link to the explanation on how to get the ColumnId is broken so I can’t replicate the doc.

I would love to be able to do the same thing!

Thanks in advance.

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Dear @Thomas_Guyon,

Welcome to the Coda community!

When you right-click on the top of the column at the bottom you will find the Column ID and be able to copy it!

See picture :point_down: for your kind reference:

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Hi Jean-Pierre!

Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Unfortunately I don’t see this :frowning:

See attached image :

thanks for your support

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@Thomas_Guyon please try this :point_down:



Nice! Thanks :slight_smile:

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