Suggestions on how to create a blog within a Coda section?

Hi there - I have a Coda doc for a product feature our team is working on. We want to have one section that’s a place where we can post updates - blog style - that the entire team receives. I setup an “Update Subscribers” table and a “Blog Posts” table, but it’s kind of janky, wondering if anyone has found a better way to post blog-style updates and send notifications to the team? See screenshot for more.

What I don’t like is that I can’t customize the table detail view so it shows the post field as a text area… so it’s a bad writing experience. To get a better writing experience, I need to open it in a separate modal by clicking the arrows in the bottom right of the field. It would be a little better if I could have the “New Update” button create a new row and open to the expanded view of that field, but I can’t.

Hello @Andrew_Mason, I think you could find this post useful

@Krunal_Sheth’s hack is creative, I hadn’t seen that before!

We have a few updates coming that will make this better, but for now, I think that’s the best path. Improving text editing in general is a big priority for us. “Big cell” was a small improvement that turned out to be way more popular than we expected, so we’ll be building on it.

One small thing - if you set a different column to be the display column, the left hand side of that detail view might look a little neater.