Dear Coda Gods, Please Let Me Edit Columns Without Scrolling Up

I have a massive table, I’m looking at a specific row, I’d like to see a hidden column, in order to do so I have to scroll all the way back to the top, losing my specific row.

Would love even just a shortcut to open Table options. Such a flow saver


try this

  • open the row to get the dialog pop up
  • at the top there is a link to the source table
  • click that to be teleported to the top of the table



If(Xyzor_Max = Coda God, true, false)



I always have 2 Chrome tabs opened on the same doc . This way, I could, for instance, change tab, unhide the column and go back to the first tab.
There are others advantages with this approach. When I’m writing formulas and I forget the name of the table or row I want to reference to, it’s better to check it in the other doc tab. This way you can avoid a “formula crash”.


Ah yes, formula crashes are the worst.

This is also a good suggestion

[Coda Gods].Contains(Breno_Nunes)


Not sure if I’m understanding correctly. Do you want to edit a hidden column row value or the hidden column formula itself? Either way, I like to do both of these things using the expanded row editor, since now we can edit column formulas via the Edit Row Layout panel (shishkabob menu in the top-right corner of expanded row). We also have an escape hatch at the bottom of the expanded row editor where you can edit hidden column values. Hope this helps!

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Not quite! There is a column that is hidden, I want to unhide it in my table without scrolling all the way to the top, too far :wink:


Oh yeah, that’s also accessible from the expanded row layout via the Edit Row Layout option. Here’s a GIF for reference:

Does that help as a workaround? Also, thanks for providing feedback on this feature!

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Hi Renita! I do know about that option, but what I want is to show the column in the table view. I want this for at least two reasons:

  1. I often already have a defined modal view that I’ve carefully created. Sometimes they’re also quite long. I don’t want to edit it

  2. I want to see the formula working on multiple rows at once, which is best in the table view

Though, this workaround could be useful for certain scenarios, so thank you for sharing and thank you for the gif!


No worries at all. Since this is officially a feature request, I hope you don’t mind me moving this to the suggestion box so we can track votes for this. Thanks again for your feedback on this!

Edit: Votes are now open!


Does freezing the header row helps?

I notice that coda will automatically freeze the header row, so that it will not lost out of sight, when i scroll down the page to see a specific row, I still can see header.
I not sure if that will help u.

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Hi @shushimi!

Thank you so much for the idea. For me, that won’t quite work because I’m hoping to access the options tab.

I haven’t yet found a way to do that on a really long table

Yeah - this is not ideal. Typically, all of my table development occurs in the masters (original tables well out of the mainstream view of the app that the users interact with). On these hidden pages, I always keep the table headers in view where I can access all options, etc. This “staged” development pattern seems more effective for me because I can view fields that represent hidden functionality without disturbing the user-facing views.

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