Ability to Sort Hidden Columns

In our use case, even though we hide some columns we normally need to fill them (we use a main view with all the rows but hide the ones with most of text to make it more manageable).
It would be really handy for us to be able to sort hidden columns manually as we can do with the unhidden ones.
Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

Hello @Miguel_Gomez_Limmert,
and welcome to Coda Community :handshake:

It does make sense and as a matter of fact you can sort by hidden columns:
Table contextual Options -> Table -> Sort

You can select any field (hidden or not) to sort the table.

Let me know if this helps.

Hey @Federico_Stefanato; thanks for your reply!
I did not express myself correctly :smiley:

What I meant is that I’d like to be able to order/sort manually the rows that are hidden to be able to fill those when expanding the row in my desired sorting.
So, currently if I have f.e. rows in a table, (visible); “1”, “2” and “3” and hidden, “4”, “5” and “6” I can go to >Columns and move around the visible ones (in my example; “3”, “1” and “2”) but I can’t move the ones that are hidden (I can’t change those to f.e. “5”, “4” and “6”).

Hence, when I expand the row and choose “Show Hidden Rows” I can’t sort them.

Hope this makes more sense.

Hi @Miguel_Gomez_Limmert,
to be really, really honest… no, I did not understand :grimacing: :exploding_head:

You are referring to:

  1. Column hiding (big text columns to show only in detail)
  2. Sorting (how to order the rows)
    but also…
  3. filtering (hidden rows) ?

I don’t understand the correlation between sorting and filtering, here :thinking:

Would it be possible for you to share your doc (or a sample of it) and describe desired result vs. the current outcome?

Thank you!