Custom Sort Order - Sort by High, Medium, Low

This should be inbuilt into the product at some point but for now here is a hack to get your table to sort in the way you want it ( High, Medium, Low)

Basically you create another table with the priority list and ranking.
Make your priority (in task table) a lookup to it.
Add a column that projects the ordering and then sort by that column. You can hide the column to keep it looking clean


@mallika Another hack I’ve seen in Excel (not as clean) is just putting a number in front of the priority level so you can do a quick sort on the column:


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Yes, that way a good one too. Just not clean and easy to manipulate but it works.

Currently trying to switch over from clickup and airtable. Wish this had been easier to do and find - spent so much time looking for the answer. Still struggling to make it work.