How to sort Select Items?

I have a simple tasks table with Priority colums of Select Items: Low, Medium, High.
I can’t get it to sort by this order. When I try it always sort alphabetically by High, Low, Medium.
I tried also using Lookup Table with sort by table order but it didn’t help.
It seems like a very simple requirement.
Please help.

Hello @Shlomi_Weizmann ,

In the column options you can set the sort order. I made you a small option, using an option list or lookup table. In general I prefer using a lookup table because it allows future changes to be implemented easier. You can collect all your lookup tables on a separate page and they can be reused for use in other columns or other tables. I made a small sample for you see this work - if you want to look at the formulas you can copy the document to your own doc folder.