Sort order in a Lookup

Does anybody know how I can dictate the sort order in a Lookup field?
I have a table of companies that can be added to over time, thus will not necessarily be entered in alphabetic order. Of course I can sort the actual table itself, but if I try to perform a lookup from this table, the presentation order in the drop down list will be in the entered order only.

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This post could be of your interest:

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Not sure this helps - this appears to be related to sorting a table, which is great, but not sorting the presented list derived ‘from’ a table when used for during a Lookup - unless I’m missing something!


The use case was exactly this, and thanks to @Dalmo_Mendonca, I implemented it yesterday. (The forum post question boiled the functionality down to table sorting to keep the discussion simple.)

Column type must be Select list (instead of Lookup) if you want to manipulate presentation of the dropdown menu (filter, sort, etc).

Thanks for this - will experiment again soon.
I’ve been under the misguided apprehension that Lookups provided a reference to the source data, whilst Select Lists were a copy of the source data, thus I’d lose any true referential integrity, but that appears not to be the case!

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Excellent, working perfectly!

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