Retain sort order from lookup column in table UI

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Hoping someone might be willing to lend a hand. I have built a user-specific helper table to allow users of my doc to apply their own filters to data views. Each of these tables contains a “results” column, which holds the matching records for the current user.

Here is my predicament: I would like to allow each user to select a sort method from a select column. I’ve referenced this value in the “results” column with a series of SwitchIf statements. However, I don’t know how to preserve the selected sort order when filtering the view to the current user’s results.

Does anyone know how to tackle this or if it’s even possible right now?



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Hi @TSStrickand1 :blush:

I’m sorry, but I’ve got to ask : could you share a sample doc (just reproducing what you have) with us ? :innocent:

It would be helpful to understand what you’re trying to do here :blush: