Sort a table by a Select column, in the custom order of the options

This seems like there must be a way to do this, as powerful as Coda is, but I’m only a few days into working with it so maybe I just don’t know how.

What I want is, I think, what this person was asking How to sort Select Items? but the answer given doesn’t seem to really solve it, and the thread ends there.

I have a column that is a dropdown select. I made my own custom list of options, and I can drag-and-drop these items to customize the order that they appear in the dropdown, which is great.

But when I order my table by that column, my only options are to order it alphabetically either ascending or descending. I’d like to order it by the custom order I assigned for the options.

Is this doable?


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Anybody have any insight on this? I feel like surely I can’t be the first person to try to accomplish this…

I think the person that replied on the original thread I mentioned may have misunderstood the question that person was asking. Either that or I am. But their answer explains how to customize the order of the OPTIONS in the list when you are picking the option for a row. I want to know how to sort the rows by that column, not alphabetically by the first letter of the options selected, but in the custom order I have assigned to those options.

Basically, I’d expect to see a third option in the Direction dropdown, which would be Select Order or Table Order (based on if your column is a Select or a Lookup into another table).

Alright so I found this thread How to sort a table based off status text values? - #2 by Paul_Danyliuk which is somewhat more helpful. The solutions proposed do work, but it still seems hacky.

I wonder, since that thread is 2 years old now, has anything new been implemented to improve this, or is a hack still the only way to do it?


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Have you found any reasonable way in the meantime? This seems like a very basic functionality that is lacking, I’m honestly baffled at the amount of hoops one needs to go through to achieve something so simple :confused:

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